Helene Mazur, MBA, CFP®, PCC Business Coach, Strategic Planning

Leadership Coaching

Effective leadership involves art, science and and passion. An exciting vision, outstanding communication and the ability to bring out the best in others is just the starting point. From emerging leaders to senior executives, we are here to help you soar.

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Leadership and Teams

It is no small feat to bring together a group of people with a variety of skills, experience, styles, and expectations to deliver outstanding results on time and under budget. We offer customized programs and workshops to help bring out the best from every member of the team.

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Small Business and Professional Practice Coaching

We help business owners attract the right clients,  retain them, and create raving fans. You have big dreams for your business. Why not build in every advantage for success?

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Strategic Planning Facilitation

The world keeps changing. Are you ahead of the curve or struggling to catch up? A properly facilitated strategic planning process is one of the most effective ways to design a strong, sustainable future while building ownership and accountability.

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Career & Transition Planning

You are smart and driven, sitting on untapped potential and are poised to break out. Whether you are looking for guidance or just a sounding board, I welcome the opportunity to help you spread your wings.

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Meetings, Retreats & Workshops

Whether your goal is to get to know each other better, build a stronger leadership team or mastermind business strategy, you will achieve more if you can get away from your day-to-day work environment, carve out dedicated time, and bring in a qualified facilitator.

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A Catalyst to Engagement, Leadership Growth, Personal Excellence and Business Success.

Are you ready to make a bigger impact by doing more of what makes you come alive?

Princeton Performance Dynamics offers services focused on leadership and career development, strategic planning, and small business coaching. Whether you are personally seeking more, your team isn't applying its full potential, your business needs a boost, or your organization is trying to figure out how to stay ahead of the curve, you have come to the right place.

We coach executives, small business owners, emerging leaders, and career changers; and facilitate custom leadership development programs and strategic plans for both profit and non-profit organizations.

Sometimes it can be hard to map out your own best path to thriving.

Princeton Performance Dynamics has been helping professionals and their businesses to grow for the past 16 years. Helene Mazur welcomes your inquiry and looks forward to the opportunity to help you build on strengths, experience, and passions to achieve new levels of success.