A Shortcut to Stronger Results

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I know how busy you are. Which is why I am shortcutting the process for you. You don’t have to invest in a comprehensive strategic planning process, survey everyone in your organization, travel to an industry conference or make it to your mastermind group (all activities which by the way I highly recommend). After surveying, […]

Picture This, A Strong Focused 2016

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Zoom, wide angle or somewhere in between, everyone has a perspective, his or her truth. The picture we have of the world around us is based on what we see, hear, our past experiences, our values and our habits. As a coach and facilitator I spend my days asking questions to understand truths, discover underlying […]

It Takes Courage to Self Examine

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You never know what you might find. Brené Brown tells us that “vulnerability is the birthplace for innovation, creativity and change”.  Not a place for the weak. As a strategic planning facilitator I am always totally impressed by the leader of an organization making the decision to open themselves up to all of the possibilities that […]

Crystal Ball Murky?

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None of us knows with any sort of certainty what outside forces are going to impact our lives. However we all have the power to work towards our own clearly defined desire for the future. Without an inspired, desired picture of what we want to accomplish there are huge implications in the present. Without clarity […]

Business Owners – Are You Thriving or Simply Surviving?

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“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.” — e.e. cummings The dictionary says that survival is to remain alive or in existence, to carry on despite hardships, or to persevere; while the the word thrive is to prosper, to grow vigorously, and to flourish. Which one of […]

Align Your Organization for Growth

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The act of setting goals is important for business growth. And there is no shortage of goals being set. But way too many goals and initiatives end up far short of success. One of the key differentiators of those initiatives that succeed from those that fail is organizational alignment. Organizational alignment requires agreement between interdependent […]

Gain Control by Shifting Out of Automatic

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In a car, an automatic transmission works just fine, but car enthusiasts will tell you that a manual transmission is the only way to go, even though it requires more effort and concentration. Why? A manual transmission gives the driver more control of the car, allowing the driver to navigate actively rather than passively, and […]

The Master Key to Success

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Professionals seek out the help of a business coach for a variety of reasons- lack of happiness at work, frustration in trying to motivate others, their struggle to attract new business, time management challenges, etc.  Business challenges come in many shapes and sizes, but at the core of solving all of these problems, is a single master key to […]

Competing Demands? A Ying Yang Answer to Strategic Decision Making

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While strategic planning offers up the opportunity to generate new ideas, confirm or refocus direction, and gain momentum,  the road from here to an agreed upon set of strategies usually involves tough decisions. At the heart of our strategic expeditions, divergent needs and competing demands are encountered. The biggest challenge is that even with extensive preparation, research, data and […]