Coaching Formats

Coaching formats are flexible depending on your geography, coaching budget, and schedule. The coaching sessions can take place in-person, on the telephone or a combination of both. Engagements are designed to meet your needs.

Schedule Your COMPLIMENTARY consultation:

Click here to send me a private email so we can schedule our consultation. Please tell me a little about you and your interest in coaching, and I’ll write back promptly.

I look forward to getting acquainted.

Once you make the decision to go forward with coaching I recommend scheduling your kickoff session. 

Kick-off Getting to Know You Coaching Session One

This comprehensive initial session is the recommended first step for all of our coaching engagements. The goal is for me to get to know you in depth, and for us mutually to craft  a coaching game plan or ‘coaching agreement.’

I will ask lots of questions about your current situation, your goals and biggest challenges. In preparation for this session you are sometimes asked to complete one or more validated assessment.  If assessments are recommended you will be debriefed and gain insight about yourself within the context of your goals.

Length of the engagement

The number and frequency of sessions will depend on your goals.  Some people start with as few as 3 sessions and others decide 24 is the right number. Many of my coaching clients have remained clients over a number of years, engaging me in different ways over the years. To see measurable results when change is involved, it often realistically takes several months of coaching.

Special Coaching Packages:
Framing the Future Career VIP Half Day with Helene Mazur

In this intensive half day session we will look at your strengths, interests,  drivers, natural style, and your work experience. We will brainstorm, explore some new possibilities,  and set an action plan to move forward. This is often coupled with ongoing telephone coaching sessions. Call today to learn more.

Small Business Owner VIP Day with Helene Mazur

If you are a small business owner looking to refocus your business in order to achieve greater levels of success – Helene is now offering a limited number of coaching intensive days each month. In this day together (instead of several months of one hour phone calls) we will take a comprehensive look at the business, clarify goals, tackle solutions to obstacles and challenges, and put together an action plan. Together we will assess, brainstorm and strategize. The targeted result for the day –  a focused road map to drive new levels of success. The location will be away from your daily routine. Treat yourself to this opportunity to reflect, re-energize and renew yourself.  Call today to learn more and reserve your day.

Coaching ‘Gift’ Package

Many of our clients have shared how much they have gained from coaching and asked how they could introduce someone they care about to coaching. If you are looking to share the benefits of coaching with, we are now offering a 4 session coaching package designed as a gift package.

The package include four telephone coaching sessions. The first is the ‘Getting to Know You’ call , a 90-minute session with assessments,  plus an additional 3 one-hour sessions. When we talk we can discuss the best ways to present this gift.

It is not uncommon for us to hear that this was “one of the most meaningful presents I have ever received.”

If you or someone you know is ready to grow in new ways, call today.