Driving Forces- Motivators

Are you spending the majority of your time doing the things that motivate you?

The happiest, most productive and the most successful people in the world have one thing in common – they have discovered what motivates them and harnessed it to drive them forward each and every day.

How engaged and energized are the people you work with (staff, clients, business partners)? When the work you do is aligned with your primary driving forces, you feel energized. and motivated to do better each day. When working in jobs that don’t match your primary driving force, the opposite happens: you feel disconnected and drained. Productivity plummets. The good news is there are simple things you can do to align work with people’s motivators. That is IF you know what they are.

There now exists a simple way to uncover the hidden drivers for both yourself, and the people who can make a difference in your life.

Twelve Driving Forces- The History

A research foundation for three decades, TTI Success Insights measured and assessed six common motivators and examined the highs and lows of each of those. What the researchers found was that avoidance can be as strong as acceptance, so 12 profiles could be derived from the highs and lows of the 6 motivators. As a result, the 12 Driving Forces were born, more precisely and accurately pinpointing the varying distinctions.

How Driving Forces Connect to Work

Each driving force compels us to find satisfaction in our work and life in unique ways. The 12 Driving Forces reports can provide insight into:

• Potential Behavioral and Motivational Strengths

• Potential Behavioral and Motivational Conflict

• Ideal Working Environment

• Keys to Motivating

• Keys to Managing

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The benefits of Motivators include:

  • Understanding which attitudes will move you fastest toward your potential;
  • Insight to our values and judgements;
  • Ability to create win-win situations knowing our own motivating factors and understanding others;
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