Using Assessments in Hiring

As your business grows and you consider new hire candidates, think about complementing your hiring process with assessments.
Assessments can provide an additional dimension of insight about your candidates, beyond a series of interviews.



Considering the high cost of turnover associated with employee training and development, we offer a comprehensive benchmarking process that will help you  assess how well suited each potential new hire is to the job.  Evaluate each of your top candidates to learn how and whether they will achieve success for your organization. Some of the questions we can help you answer include:

  • Will the person do the job and be satisfied?
  • How will the person handle stress, work pace and work with other people?
  • Why will they do the job and will they be satisfied?
  • How will they perform with tight schedules or upset customers?
  • Will they share and support the values of your organization?

We are certified in debriefing a variety of assessments that can offer insight into your hiring process.

Gain new perspectives that may not be uncovered until it is too late.