Leadership/Executive Coaching

Effective leadership involves art, science and passion

An exciting vision, outstanding communication and the ability to bring out the best in others is just the starting point. From emerging leaders to senior executives, we are here to help you soar.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”   Henry Ford

We think you can. Inspire those around you,  lead with confidence, strengthen a complex web of relationships and deliver big results with tight deadlines in an ever-changing landscape…

It is up to you. Why not build in every advantage for success? One-on-one coaching with an experienced executive coach can bring out the best leader in you while helping you keep things in perspective.

You don’t have to do it alone.  Finding the right coach is important. You are unique, and so are the people who say they can help. The right coach is someone that you respect for their experience, someone you trust to challenge and support you to grow outside of your comfort zone, and most importantly- the dynamics between feel right.

In a successful coaching relationship, your coach becomes a trusted partner. Confidentially is a key tenant of a coaching relationship. Coaching sessions are a safe place that you can share vulnerabilities and work through challenges.  As the coach gets to know you, they will be remind you of your strengths, and share insights that can serve as a catalyst to growth.

A coach can help you see your blind-spots while working through business strategy, employee challenges, complex decisions, client demands, leadership effectiveness, confidence issues and work-life balance.

A supportive spouse, boss, colleague, parent or friend may mean well, but can’t provide what a trained coach can offer.

“Through working with Helene, I have defined what success means to me, and it’s not just money. I have learned how to multiply my efforts and save time. I have increased my impact, working on projects that light me up.”

Leadership Coaching Ongoing coaching sessions are designed to address leadership challenges unique to you and your situation. You will develop the awareness, skills and strategies necessary to excel in your role while working through relevant, timely issues.

There is a wide variety of areas we coach on- some of these include leadership presence, influencing, engaging, improving communication, taking control of your day, motivating peak performance, emotional intelligence, collaboration, feedback and development.

Leadership career planning and progression is another area of focus in many of our coaching engagements.

Coaching Formats

For more detailed information about where coaching takes place and how to get started see Coaching Formats

Additional services:

Leadership Development for your team

Custom workshops and programs for your team

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Leadership Meetings and Retreats

Help with Hiring- Job Benchmarking and Assessments

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