Professional Practice & Small Business Coaching

You have big dreams for your small business

But the non-stop demands of finding clients, servicing them, dealing with staffing, partner, financial, technology,  regulatory challenges and on and on compete for your time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stay focused on the big picture?

What are the consequences if you don’t?

We Can Help

Working with an experienced business coach can help you make sense of an increasingly challenging business environment while tackling change with less stress and more success. The right coach will be there when you need them as a sounding board, keep you focused on your goals, and remind you of your strengths as you overcome obstacles to achieve break-through results.

We understand that running a business doesn’t leave a lot of time for strategic thinking. 

We can help you maximize the time you spend working “on” your business. We specialize in helping business owners develop the skills, strategies and mindset necessary to succeed.

A well-thought out plan will help you determine where to best invest your time and resources. 

Our coaching process will help you look at your business from a number of perspectives including – your vision, the values that drive you, client data, your brand, team, market trends, and financials. Every part of the puzzle adds to the story and will help you to develop a prioritized set of strategic goals.

“When I look at my work and business today, it is not longer two dimensional, but rather multi-dimensional. Today, I have a sail – my strategic plan- and it keeps me on task while offering more flexibility than I’ve ever had before.” Arts Executive Director

To grow your business to new levels of sustainable success… a Solid Framework + Great Leadership will distinguish you from the competition.

A Solid Business Framework

  • A Differentiated Practice is critical to attracting clients. What do you do differently and better than anyone else out there? How can you build on your strengths, expertise, interests and passions to address current needs in the marketplace. Strategic planning will help you answer those foundational questions.
  • A Marketing Plan Designed to Attract will get you noticed by your ideal client. To write one requires defining a target market(s),  honing a unique, differentiating message, and committing to a few key strategies that will get your message in front of the right audience. Let us help you devise a plan to consistently attract the clients you are hoping to serve.
  • A Service Model Designed to Build Fans will help you to grow your business effortlessly! Do you have a standard process to consistently deliver outstanding service? What if all of your hard work pays off and you double your business? Are there investments in technology or support that you have been thinking about? With a strategic plan you can avoid making the wrong short-term investments.  With outstanding service you are on the road to building raving fans!
  • A Financial Plan for Growth will keep you focused.  Do you have revenue and expense goals for the next 3 years? Many business owners only monitor revenue, until it is too late. We know you are working towards financial success- putting your financial plan on paper is the first step to creating a set of actions that will drive results.
  • A People Plan that Leverages Strengths and Resources will enable you to spend your time on what is most important.  People are one of the biggest investments in any business. An HR plan will help you make decisions to maximize those dollars. This plan often includes a staffing plan, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, employee development plans, and compensation strategies. Even if your name is the only name in every box right now, a functional organization chart will help you plan for the future. We can help you learn more about your new hire candidates with assessments. 
  • And finally, a Dashboard will help you see at a glance how you are doing on all of your goals.  What metrics drive your business?  Track them regularly and watch your business grow!

Strong Leadership:

You can have the best plan in the world, but if you don’t have leadership skills you can easily sabotoge all of your other efforts. Leadership skills come into play whether you are dealing with clients, partners, employees or your community.

Employee engagement is one of the keys to the success of any business. If you are like most other business owners you may be feeling that no one cares as much as you do. How engaged is your team?

Getting on the Same Page—there are many ways to include others in creating the future. Understanding the big picture and helping to shape it, builds ownership. Clarity around everyone’s role in achieving the plan will help you, your business partners and employees build agreements that serve all parties. With clarity and focus toward a common vision, individual initiative grows.

Many business owners understand the value of developing a plan but have realistic concerns about their ability to implement. If follow-through is a concern for you, an ongoing coaching process can help to assure success. Are you ready to step up your game?

We welcome you to join our list of business leaders that can’t stop talking about the results we have helped them achieve.

“We should have done this sooner. The process helped us take necessary action towards improving employee initiative, collaborating with business partners and increasing new business leads”     Wealth Advisory Firm

“Through working with Helene, I have defined what success means to me, and it’s not just money. I have learned how to multiply my efforts and save time. I have increased my income working on projects that light me up.”    Medical writer

For more detailed information about where coaching takes place and how to get started see Coaching Formats 

Many of the small business owners we have worked with are technical experts who were never trained formally on how to sell. We are now offering coaching for small business owners with the goal of helping them gain new clients.
Marketing + Sales = New Business Development
 Whether you are new to selling or have extensive training, we can help you and your team unlock the barriers to prospecting and getting a constant stream of qualified appointments. Building a new business pipeline is essential to continued success.
  • How effective are you at attracting the right kinds of prospects?  Do you know what your  prospects really want?
  • How successful are you at presenting your case in a way that inspires action?

We can help you overcome sales challenges and break through your goals with effective methods that build on your own style and strengths.

Call today to learn more about how we can support your growth goals.