High Performance Teams

Is your team engaged, aligned and getting the results you are after?

Are you fully tapping into the  strengths, interests and talents on your team? If the answer is “we have room to go,” we can help enhance the way your team is working together.

We offer  custom designed, facilitated programs that have been highly effective in helping teams address specific challenges including: clarity around roles and responsibilities, decision making, communication, time, stress, leadership and cultural issues.

In as little as half a day, all the way to ongoing retainer programs, we can structure a team engagement to address your unique challenges. We offer retreat, workshop or coaching formats to meet your needs.

Whether the immediate need for your team is to simply get to know each other better, to build alignment on a set of goals, or to mastermind a long-term strategy, bringing together the right people with an experienced facilitator will shorten the process to success.

We are happy to share ideas and work together to co-create a memorable, productive meeting. Here are a few types of engagements that we have expertise in facilitating:

  • Leadership and Team Building Retreats
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning 
  • Board Retreats
  • Post Merger Integration Planning Meetings
  • Family Business Strategy Meetings
  • Partner Meetings
  • Woman’s Leadership Retreats

A professional facilitator can help to build trust and engagement that will enable all participants to do their best thinking and collaborate. Outcomes include the development of new ideas and the ownership that comes with being part of their creation. Accountability structures are built into the process.

We will put together an agenda relevant to your needs.

Activities in our meetings and retreats might include:

  • Communication Strategies- DISC Profiles Workshop
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Determining decision making processes and other rules of engagement
  • Defining group values
  • Developing mission and vision
  • Assessing system and process for improvements
  • Improving communication with assessments (see workshop below)
  • Resolving conflict
  • Project planning
  • Fun (and maybe even a few games)
  • A wide

Call today so we can learn more about your team. Our goal is to help you by providing the quickest, most effective intervention to help your team start to soar.

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