Communicating with Impact

It probably comes as no surprise that lack of effective communication is cited as one of the biggest issues in business today. Everyone understands just important good communication is to clients, prospects, team members and partners, yet few get it right.

Get Your Message Across in a Way That Will Be Heard

Our ‘Communicating with Impact’ workshop offers new perspectives and practical ways to enhance communication. Sometimes communication shuts down and you can’t figure out why. This workshop will share a new way of understanding how to best communicate with those who are often the most challenging for you.

Everyone has a unique behavioral style, and style differences can be reason communication seems to just shut down with certain people.  Once you learn how to understand and adapt to style differences you will instantly open the door to better relationships.

This workshop takes advantage of a unique, personalized DISC assessment. In a safe environment you will learn how to understand your own style, and adapt to others in order to get your message across in ways that it will be heard.

The takeaways from this workshop are designed to have an immediate impact on your ability to be more effective with your team, your business partners, and all of the relationships in your life.

What are our clients are saying. . . .

“There was so much to think about. This was REALLY well put together- excellent use of my time. Best workshop I’ve been to in recent memory”
Emily Carey, Rutgers University