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Business and Professional Practice Coaching,

Leadership Coaching,

Career and Transition Planning

Our coaching services are designed to help you achieve important goals with less stress.

Finding the right coach is important. You are unique, and so are the people who say they can help. The right coach is someone that you respect for their experience, someone you trust to challenge and support you to grow outside of your comfort zone, and most importantly- the dynamics between you and the coach feel right.

In a successful coaching relationship, your coach becomes a trusted partner. Confidentially is a key tenant of a coaching relationship. Coaching sessions are a safe place that you can share vulnerabilities and work through challenges. As the coach gets to know you, they will remind you of your strengths, and share insights that can serve as a catalyst to growth.

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Who Can Benefit

Executives, Business Owners, Managers and Board Members who:

  • Aspire to take their business, organization or team further and faster
  • Spend too much time “IN” vs. “ON” the business
  • Have strategies that are no longer working in the current business environment
  • Want a truth-teller, confidante, and sounding board
  • Would like to improve their leadership/management skills
  • Wish to see their organization apply more of it’s potential
  • Seek productivity gains
  • Need to attract, select, hire and retain top-notch employees
  • Desire to be more effective at driving change, motivating, and communicating

Smart People Responsible for Growing their Business

  • Professionals, technical experts, entrepreneurs who are uncomfortable selling
  • Individuals with sales responsibilities finding it difficult to attract “NEW” clients or break through current levels

Experienced, Achievers Who Want More

  • Motivated individuals who want to reach their goals quicker with more personal fulfillment
  • Professionals reinventing themselves in the workplace
  • Career women zeroing in on personal/professional goals and issues
  • Successful individuals who have made work their entire lives
  • People seeking to align their life with their values
  • Creative people turning their talent into a business or life choice
  • People in business seeking more success, time, balance v. less stress
  • Professionals in career or life transition