Career and Transition Coach

What is next?

You are likely wrestling with lots of great questions. How to best to build on your strengths, experiences and interests? How to leverage your network? How does your background mesh with the current market environment? What is the best way to tell your story?

Transition can be unsettling.  If you are looking for someone to help you think more clearly about the future and how best to move from here to there, I welcome the opportunity to help you sort it out.

It is time to thrive in new ways!

Helene Mazur

Confidence comes from knowing where you are headed and having a game plan to get there.

In combination with a solid set of coaching skills, connections and resources, I can help you build on what you do best to get you to your goals.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Finding the right coach is important. You are unique, and so are the people who say they can help. The right coach is someone that you respect for their experience, someone you trust to challenge and support you to grow outside of your comfort zone, and most importantly- the dynamics between you work.

In a successful coaching relationship, your coach becomes a trusted partner. Confidentially is a key tenant of a coaching relationship. Your coaching sessions are a safe place that you can share vulnerabilities and challenges. As the coach gets to know you, they will be able to share insights that can help to accelerate your growth and impact. A coaching engagement offers you the opportunity to develop new skills and strategies in a supportive environment.

A supportive spouse, boss, colleague, parent or friend may mean well, but can’t often provide what a trained coach can offer.

“Through working with Helene, I have defined what success means to me, and it’s not just money. I have learned how to multiply my efforts and save time. I have increased my income working on projects that light me up.”

Coaching Formats

For more detailed information about where coaching takes place and how to get started see Coaching Formats

Our career and transition planning coaching will help you strengthen skills important for your next step, build confidence and set in motion a realistic, action-oriented plan.

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