Team Building

Is there room for improved productivity and communication on your team?
 We can help you build of the strengths on your team and maximize more of the potential.

You may have smart, experienced people on your team; but is the group working optimally together?

We have lots of ideas on how to build a stronger team, but perhaps our most powerful is a short 3-hour workshop that focuses on understanding communication styles. A validated DISC assessment will be given to every member of the team, and they will each receive a comprehensive, personalized that shares insight about their strengths and style.

Having taken hundreds of people through these reports we have seen huge value in being able to share an understanding and appreciation for the differences in style on a team.

The workshop is designed to build morale, improve teamwork, relationships, and productivity. And, we promise everyone will stay involved and engaged from beginning to end. Participants take the ideas they learn and practice in the workshop, and apply them- because the concepts are simple and work!

Our DISC Team Building workshops can be incorporated into a conference, retreat, annual meeting, company function, or as a standalone training event.

One of the most effective ways to strengthen the dynamics and build ownership on a team is to get them involved in strategic thinking and planning.

Learn more about our facilitated strategic thinking and planning process.

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