1 Hour Webinar – How to Approach a Strategic Planning Initiative

You are cordially invited to join me on a 60-minute NO COST webinar titled How to Approach a Strategic Planning Initiative

  • Wednesday, November 15th at 12:30pm EST

Developing a plan is far more effective than leaving the future to chance.

A well-planned strategic planning process will help you and your team determine how best to build on strengths in order to take advantage of evolving market opportunities. Strategic thinking and planning involves a set of steps that can help you move forward confidently with focus and alignment.

How to Do It Differently– If the words ‘strategic planning’ bring up images of days locked in a conference room, flip charts filled with seemingly good ideas, and a lack of execution, it is time to think about planning in a new way.

This webinar will share a set of strategic building blocks that will help you stack the deck in favor of achieving forward action and follow-through on the plan.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why Plan? And what if you don’t
  • Who to include
  • How to get stakeholders involved who can’t be at the planning session
  • The steps
  • How to get ready in order to maximize time in planning sessions
  • The role of a facilitator (internal or external)
  • Buy-in, ownership
  • How to assure execution
  • Q and A

A properly run strategic thinking initiative will re-charge your business/organization, while enabling you to adapt to changing market conditions.

The best way to predict the future is to create it!

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