Building a Sales Culture in Your Professional Services Practice

If you are running a successful professional service practice, you know better than anyone, it wasn’t magic that drove success. Rainmaking probably runs in your blood, and a lot of really hard work got you to this point. You are not going anywhere, but you are wondering how to grow a team of people that can add to new business growth.

If you are like many of the successful CEO’s I know, you have an aging base of clients, are surrounded by a growing number of support and technical staff getting the work done, and perhaps a few partners who run large client relationships. Your client base and growing team are a result of a lifetime of investment on your part, but what is going to happen to assure ongoing growth and sustainability?

Too often the principal who built a successful business says to high potential employees or partners- it is your turn to start growing the business. Go out and bring in new business opportunities. And not a lot more.

Without the skills, goals or even the right mindset, the desire to generate new business can quickly become an exercise in frustration. To be successful at building a sales culture, commitment, communication and culture shift are all in order.

Implement the following 8 building blocks, and watch your sales grow.

  1. Train everyone in the business how to talk about the firm’s value and what differentiates you from the competition. Help them practice in a safe environment.
  2. Brainstorm, build and measure the success of a small number of focused marketing campaigns to expand the reach of your message to target audiences
  3. Identify communication preferences on the team, and teach how to adapt to different client, and prospect styles. 
  4. Set new business development expectations with enhanced job descriptions including sales roles and expectations. Hire with these key accountabilities in mind.
  5. Identify organizational business targets. Communicate and regularly monitor the goals with the entire team.
  6. Discuss what sales initiatives aren’t working to keep improving skills and strategies.
  7. Teach sales skills to the professionals working for you that don’t have a sales background.Consider bringing in a sales coach.
  8. Celebrate success!

Written by Helene Mazur

Helene is the founder of Princeton Performance Dynamics, a business coaching and strategic planning company. Helene’s passion is helping her clients to explore possibilities and map out a course, to manage and sell more effectively, improve productivity, grow, and have more fun.