How Strong is Your Platform for Customer Growth?

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Without clients there is no business. But too many businesses add as many clients as they can, as quickly as they can, before they build the right framework.  If one of your business goals is sustainability, building the right infrastructure (see the post  Behind the Scenes- What is Really Going On) and focusing on strategies designed to develop loyal clients  will result in a stronger outcome. […]

What Makes Good Ideas Take Root? Keys to Execution

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SEEDS OF CHANGE Despite enthusiastic beginnings, many well-intended plans never translate into action, and an even larger number lose momentum along the way. What enables good ideas and plans to take root? As a business coach, advocate and facilitator of strategic planning I have observed quite a few projects – some that succeed and others that […]

Strategic Planning for a Small Business – How to Overcome the Challenges

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You spend the day scrambling. But how do you know you are on the right path? Are you leveraging the strengths, interests and talents on your team? Will you wind up in a place that will make you happy? It is not that you haven’t been thinking about these questions. The business environment is complex and […]

Leaders, Are You Preventing Your Team from Soaring?

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In coaching sessions I hear key common cries for help. This past week the key theme on a surprising number of calls has been ‘my team is not doing what I need them to be doing’. The names have been changed but the following stressful situations have not. ·     I am here most nights and many […]

Growing Your Leadership Potential

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We all have an unlimited opportunity to grow as leaders. But it requires desire, the will to reflect, and valuing ourselves. Growing into a full-fledged leader in our own lives, our communities and at work is important not just for our own personal journey, but for the widespread impact we have on the world. How effective you […]