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Growing Your Leadership Potential

We all have an unlimited opportunity to grow as leaders. But it requires desire, the will to reflect, and valuing ourselves. Growing into a full-fledged leader in our own lives, our communities and at work is important not just for our own personal journey, but for the widespread impact we have on the world.

How effective you become at developing and motivating yourself will determine how successful you will be at leading and motivating other to higher levels of achievement.

As a leader everything you say and do is begin watched and evaluated. Your personal values and beliefs are evident through your actions and behavior more than by your words. Whether you choose to lead with grace, respect and trust or by bold, brash command not only shares your values with others, but influences their behavior.

You ability to listen and empathize speaks volumes about you not only as a person, but as a leader. The ability to recognize the fact that others are entitled to their beliefs, just as you are; and that they have certain needs to satisfy and goals to achieve just as you do is foundational in your ability to get others engaged. Leadership growth requires an ongoing  self-awareness and ability to reflect on not only ourselves, but on the growth of others.

Even with the best ideas in the world, your words and actions will reveal your genuine interest in people as individuals and in what they say and feel. Without taking into account others and their own journeys it will be impossible to develop strategies strong with the culture needed to create sustainable success.

Wishing you all of the magic that comes along with leadership growth.

by Helene Mazur

Helene is the founder of Princeton Performance Dynamics, an executive coaching and strategic planning facilitation company for business and non-profit leaders and their teams. Helene’s passion is helping her clients to apply more of their potential, focus their goals, see new perspectives on their situation, put in place exciting, realistic plans, overcome the challenges, and execute to achieve new levels of success.

Helene would love to talk to you if interested in learning about leadership coaching or team leadership development.