A Shortcut to Stronger Results

I know how busy you are. Which is why I am shortcutting the process for you.

You don’t have to invest in a comprehensive strategic planning process, survey everyone in your organization, travel to an industry conference or make it to your mastermind group (all activities which by the way I highly recommend).

After surveying, facilitating and coaching leaders in a wide variety of businesses and organizations, the following three questions have led to important growth opportunities time after time.

Not one to beat around the bush, if you answer the following 3 questions honestly and have a low score on any of them- that is your nut to crack. If you can change your lowest score, it will directly impact your results.

Assign a score of 1-10 (0 weak- 10 strong) to each of the following questions.

  1. How well are you differentiated from your competitors in the market?
  1. How well are you maximizing the strengths of your resources? Yes, the resources you have already invested in! People, tools, technology, etc.…
  1. How motivated are you (and every member of your team) to drive new levels of success?
  1. Take your lowest score and think about the next set of questions. This activity will be improved by asking the others on your team to join in on the assessment.

Question 1. Differentiation.

  1. Are you really different?
  2. If you are different, how great are you at telling the differentiating story.
  3. If you are different and have the story down. How well is every other person on your team at telling that exact same story.
  4. How great are your clients at telling the story?
  5. How great are the professionals you work with in the community at telling your story?

Question 2. Maximizing the Strengths of Your Current Resources

  1. How great is the communication in your business?
  2. Are there resources in different silos that could work together more effectively?
  3. How clear are the roles and responsibilities of everyone, including you, on your team?
  4. How strong are the bridges for sharing information, contacts and best practices across your business?
  5. What have you invested in that you are not getting the most out of?

Question 3. Motivation

  1. Do you bound out of bed most mornings looking forward to the challenges of the day?
  2. Do you get lose track of time at work because you love it so much?
  3. Is every member of your team, including you, proactive in serving your customers and taking initiative to keep improving the business and themselves?

If you don’t know the answers, or do, but don’t quite know what to do about it- make that issue your number one strategic planning initiative this year.

I would be happy help strategize on possible solutions to your biggest challenge.

Take the shortcut or not, it’s up to you.