How Strong is Your Platform for Customer Growth?

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Without clients there is no business. But too many businesses add as many clients as they can, as quickly as they can, before they build the right framework.  If one of your business goals is sustainability, building the right infrastructure (see the post  Behind the Scenes- What is Really Going On) and focusing on strategies designed to develop loyal clients  will result in a stronger outcome. […]

Align Your Organization for Growth

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The act of setting goals is important for business growth. And there is no shortage of goals being set. But way too many goals and initiatives end up far short of success. One of the key differentiators of those initiatives that succeed from those that fail is organizational alignment. Organizational alignment requires agreement between interdependent […]

Six Mental Traps That Will Prevent Your Business From Thriving

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If you are not getting the results you want, or making a difference in the way you dreamed was possible,  you are well aware that something has to change. Knowing and doing can feel miles apart. Are you trapped in the status quo?   For the same reasons that pilots use maps when they fly cross-country and […]