Strategic Planning for a Small Business – How to Overcome the Challenges

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You spend the day scrambling. But how do you know you are on the right path? Are you leveraging the strengths, interests and talents on your team? Will you wind up in a place that will make you happy? It is not that you haven’t been thinking about these questions. The business environment is complex and […]

Leaders, Are You Preventing Your Team from Soaring?

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In coaching sessions I hear key common cries for help. This past week the key theme on a surprising number of calls has been ‘my team is not doing what I need them to be doing’. The names have been changed but the following stressful situations have not. ·     I am here most nights and many […]

Align Your Organization for Growth

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The act of setting goals is important for business growth. And there is no shortage of goals being set. But way too many goals and initiatives end up far short of success. One of the key differentiators of those initiatives that succeed from those that fail is organizational alignment. Organizational alignment requires agreement between interdependent […]

Gain Control by Shifting Out of Automatic

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In a car, an automatic transmission works just fine, but car enthusiasts will tell you that a manual transmission is the only way to go, even though it requires more effort and concentration. Why? A manual transmission gives the driver more control of the car, allowing the driver to navigate actively rather than passively, and […]

Competing Demands? A Ying Yang Answer to Strategic Decision Making

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While strategic planning offers up the opportunity to generate new ideas, confirm or refocus direction, and gain momentum,  the road from here to an agreed upon set of strategies usually involves tough decisions. At the heart of our strategic expeditions, divergent needs and competing demands are encountered. The biggest challenge is that even with extensive preparation, research, data and […]

How Values Set You Apart

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In business you can’t rest on your laurels; there are no guarantees. Ethical standards and staying on one’s toes are a basic requirement to sustaining a competitive advantage for large and small companies alike.